LeadershipWhen I started out online about a year ago I knew absolutely nothing about marketing on the internet.  I wasn’t so naive to think I just had to setup a website and the money would come pouring in, But I really didn’t think it would be that hard.

Holy crap, was I wrong.

Making any real money online takes quite a bit of effort and there is quite a steep learning curve.

I mean think about it, setting up a website (or a blog) is actually the easy part (scary as that sounds).

Getting traffic to your site and then actually turning that traffic into paying customers or even just leads on your list is hard.

So now that I have some experience and I am able to regularly generate leads and am actually making money I have a great appreciating for what it takes to succeed online.  This appreciation and knowing how much work it took to get where I am helps me guide my team in the right direction.

There are days when it seems that some of them just don’t get it and I have to explain things over and over and then I remember that I wasn’t an expert when I started out either.  I probably asked some pretty dumb questions.

So I stop and explain things as best I can until they get it and the payoff is huge.  My team is growing and I have a few real leaders that are teaching the people they are bringing in and look to me for advice when they have a situation they aren’t sure about.

I am their leader, and as a leader I need to set the standard for my team.

So I guess my point is, treat every member of your team with respect and patience.  Remember they are learning and they are looking to you for guidance.  If you give them what they need you will benefit from your efforts tenfold.




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