If your like me, you’ve probably heard lots about Twitter. You’ve probably even got an account and tried it out.  But I just for the life of me couldn’t figure out how I could use Twitter for my business.  So I started learning as much as I could and found some really cool tools to make my Twitter experience a lot more effective.


The first one I want to share is designed to get you organized and make Twitter a lot easier to use.  It’s called TweetDeck.  It’s a free app that installs in seconds and can be used on your computer or mobile phone (iphone and Android).  What I like about TweetDeck is how it lets you organize your Twitter feed into columns.  You can view your feed in one column, your replies in another column and your private messages in another.  No more flipping between screens in Twitter to see what’s going on.  Plus, if you leave it open in the background you can get pop up notifications when someone replies to your tweets or messages you.  Very cool.  Makes it really easy to interact with people and build relationships.


SocialOomph is great for the busy internet marketer.  It helps you automate your Twitter account so you don’t always have to be paying attention to it.  You can use SocialOomph to automatically follow people who follow you and to also send new followers an automated message.  I like to send a short “Thank you” with a link to my blog or my facebook page.  That way new followers can get to know a little more about me.  Relationship building…remember.  SocialOomph also has some more advanced features that will let you schedule tweets as well as unfollow people who don’t follow you.


The last tool I want to tell you about is Twollo.  This is probably the most powerful of the three and is a paid service, although it’s pretty cheap.  Twollo allows you to automatically follow people based on a list of keywords defined by you.  For example, if you are an internet marketer you may want to follow people who tweet about internet marketing, mlm, online marketing etc.  Twollo will find people who use your keywords and automatically follow them.  Pretty cool huh.  Combine this with SocialOomph and you can turn Twitter into a marketing machine.  Twollo can automatically follow people and then when they follow you back SocialOomph will send them a welcome message and the relationship building begins.

Personal Contact

As cool as these tools are, don’t forget to personally interact with your followers.  These tools help you stay organized and effectively build a targeted group of followers, but they won’t follow for very long if they don’t get to know the real you.  Be yourself and…I’m going to say it again…build relationships.  Don’t use Twitter to blast people with your business every chance you get.  Build their trust first by adding value with no other expectations.

And who knows, maybe you will even have a little fun doing it.

Tweet away


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