Facebook MarketingI have recently been venturing into facebook marketing and have a few tips for using facebook for marketing your opportunities.

Make Your Ads Relevant

Facebook likes your ad and what you are promoting to be relevant to each other.  Sometimes this is not very obvious.  You may think your ad is relevant because you know what is behind the landing page, but Facebook bases their decision on what they see on the landing page.

For example, if you have a landing page that talks about a specific product or opportunity, your ad should refer to that product or opportunity.  If your ad refers to a secret Facebook marketing strategy, your landing page should make some kind of reference to Facebook marketing.  That’s what they mean by relevance.  This is a very common reason to have ads rejected.

Target Specific Interest Groups

When setting up the targeting for your ad you want to target specific groups of people rather than targeting a broad audience.  Specific targeting will ensure only targeted prospects are seeing your ad and will increase your click through rate (CTR).  I higher click through rate means lower cost per click (CPC).

When setting up your ads in the targeting section, there is an area for interests.  Use this area to select the specific interest group you want to target.  You want to select a group that will reach a decent number of people while still staying within your target market.  If your ad is reaching millions of people, you are probably not targeting a group that will actually be interested in what your are offering.  What will hapen is you will get tons of impressions with very few clicks.  This will increase your cost per click and result in poor conversions.

Target Specific Age Groups

In addition to targeting specific interest groups you want to target specific age groups.  What I like to do is setup the same add for a specific interest group for three different age ranges.  By doing this I can pinpoint which age group is responding to a particular ad better.  Once I have pinpointed which age group is responding to an ad I can pause the ads to the less responsive age groups and focus my efforts on the responsive group.

The next step is to tweak the more responsive ad even further by creating copies of that ad and making slight changes to either the headline or the picture.

By increasing the CTR of your ads it will decrease the CPC.  There is no reason why you should be paying more than 50 cents per click on Facebook.

The key with Facebook marketing is to test, test, test and don’t get discouraged if your ads don’t get approved right away.  Make a couple of changes and follow these tips and you will have quality ads running on Facebook in no time.

Facebook Marketing Unleashed

If you are looking for some extremely in depth training from someone who is absolutely killing it with Facebook marketing then check out Social Media Mastery by Michelle Pescosolido.  You will not be disappointed.  I have seen a couple of her Facebook marketing webinars and it is always amazing information.




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